General health checkups: Why is it important and what is its coverage

Hospitalisation cost could eat a huge chunk of your family’s monthly budget. Although some admission cases are due to emergencies (e.g., injuries, accidents), many are actually preventable (e.g., degenerative diseases, seasonal illnesses). This is the compelling reason to avail of regular checkups from a doctor Portside hospitals and health centres offer.

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The necessity of general health checkups

Visiting a general practitioner or GP in Ascot regularly is a great way to promote your overall health. Through these regular visits, you’ll know your current health status, especially on your risks to some diseases. This helps you discover any emerging health problems and act accordingly to prevent these conditions.

Meanwhile, regular consultation is also a great way to assess your lifestyle. As the doctor analyses your vital signs, he or she can also give you tips on how to avoid the diseases you’re predisposed to have due to genes and lifestyle.

The doctor Portside medical clinics partner for residency can carry out other important procedures. This might include vaccinations and guidance for smoking or alcohol cessation.

The usual inclusions of a general physical checkup

Unless you’re consistently careful with your health and lifestyle, a lot can happen in a year. This calls for an annual physical checkup. The general checkup a doctor Portside hospitals offer usually includes the following:

  1. Assessing medical history – If you’ve been seeing another doctor from your previous State of residence, you should visit a local GP to handle your health records. Before performing any tests, doctors will talk to you about your lifestyle, sexual health, alcohol use, and diet. They might also ask you about your family’s medical history.
  2. Taking vital signs – Temperature and blood sugar levels, as well as blood pressure, heart, and respiration rate are some of the necessary vital signs doctors take. These will help them tell if you’re at risk of the common degenerative diseases (e.g., stroke, diabetes, and lung failure).
  3. Doing laboratory tests – Even if you’re not sick, it’s best to undergo complete blood count and urinalysis as these are standard annual tests. Especially if you’ve availed of cosmetic injectables Portside hospitals offer, undergoing periodic lab tests determines if you have any reaction to the injectables.
  4. Assessing general appearance – Your doctor could also get cues of your health status just by looking at your overall health. This isn’t to judge. But your glowing skin, good posture, and mental quickness are signs of good health.
  5. Conducting disease, gender, or organ-specific exams – Availing neurological, abdominal, dermatological, and lung exams are also good for prevention. For women, undergo breast and pelvic exam. And for men, hernia, prostate, and testicular exam are good ones to avail.
  6. Giving tips for disease prevention – After all the tests are done, the GP in Hamilton could also give you tips on diet and lifestyle. You could also for the ideal supplements for yourself and your family.
  7. Giving vaccinations – For your kids, you could also avail of immunisation for seasonal diseases.

Availing of general checkups, preferably annually, is the best thing you can do for your family’s health, as well as for yourself. If you’re living in Hamilton, Brisbane, you might like to avail of the medical and healthcare services at