Want a better garden? Try planting canola!

Cultivating a garden is different from managing a farm. Gardening is usually done as a hobby and as a way to make the yard pretty. It’s totally different from growing crops to then be sold in bulk like those seen here: https://www.hyola.com.au/

So would it be a surprise if a farming crop can improve your garden? Specifically hybrid canola?

Bred to be sturdier than open-pollinated canola, hybrid canola can be used as something that’s called cover crops. These are grown between the harvest of the main crop and the sowing of the next one. Basically, they cover up the ground during the months when the main crops can’t be planted.


Benefits of cover crops

There are two main reasons for cover crops:

  • Keeping the ground loose for plants to grow
  • Help put back nutrients in the soil

Leaving the ground fallow is sometimes necessary to allow for cultivation later. But leaving it empty for too long will compact the soil and make it difficult for roots to penetrate. Even if not stomped on, the ground still tends to compress as the result of gravity.

Cover crops help avoid this because their roots occupy space down in the ground. Instead of sticking to each other, soil particles are being kept apart by roots that are on the ground.

Nutrients in the soil will eventually run out even with fertilizers. There are some elements in the ground are just irreplaceable even with manure.

Not all plants use up the same set of nutrients though. Rotating plants on the same area can help the soil replenish its nourishment. This is because certain plants give back to the ground what other plants take out.

With the right plants, minerals and other elements are replaced. Later plants might even be healthier if more nutrients are put back in.

Cover crops can be used as fertilizer themselves. After they wilt, the organic matter can be put back into the ground and further improve the soil for future use.

Why plant hybrid canola?

The canola belongs to the Brassicaceae family, the same as cabbage and broccoli. Most people only hear about canola because of the oil extracted from their seeds. Good seeds are used in large farms like those seen here: https://www.hyola.com.au/

Canola blooms with beautiful yellow flowers. There are even festivals in Korea dedicated to their blossoms so its not a bad addition to your garden.

In commercial farms, canola is an ideal cover crop as it gives back nitrogen to the soil. They come in spring and winter varieties. So they can be grown in the cold months when most plants have the most difficulty in growing.

You may not be keeping your garden to sell crops en masse. Maybe you do keep some vegetables for your own consumption and to save money. But if canola can help farmers, don’t you think canola can help you in the backyard, too?

However, not all canola seeds are the same. Some varieties of canola are better than the others. Learn about the varieties specifically bred for the best results here: https://www.hyola.com.au/